The HARDER project is a testament to our belief in the symbiotic relationship between memes and blockchain, highlighting their combined power to unify communities, ignite creativity, and forge a path toward the future. Our mission is both lucid and audacious: to elevate memes from mere tools of entertainment to valuable economic assets. We envision a world where the joy and inventiveness inherent in memes become an integral part of the global economy.

HARDER is more than a cryptocurrency; it is a gateway to a realm where humor and innovation are as esteemed as financial gains. This initiative empowers meme creators to monetize their creativity, rewards meme aficionados for their engagement, and nurtures a vibrant ecosystem where memes are pivotal to a flourishing, decentralized community.

Token distribution

For the HARDER project, envisioning a strategic token distribution is crucial to ensure the long-term sustainability and success of the ecosystem. The following is a proposed token distribution model for HARDER, designed to balance the needs of development, community engagement, and future growth:
HARDER Token Distribution Plan:
Token Total Supply:9,860,000,000


Community and Ecosystem (40%)

A significant portion of the tokens should be allocated to the community and ecosystem. This includes rewards for community engagement, incentives for content creators, funding community-driven initiatives, and supporting ecosystem partnerships.

Development and Team (20%)

To support ongoing development, maintenance, and innovation, a portion of the tokens would be reserved for the project team. This ensures that the team is motivated and financially supported to continue their work on the project.

Reserve Fund (15%)

A reserve fund is crucial for the long-term stability and contingency planning of the project. This fund can be used for unforeseen expenses, emergency situations, or new opportunities that require additional funding.

Marketing and Promotion (10%)

Effective marketing and promotional activities are essential for growing the HARDER community and increasing token adoption. This allocation will be used for marketing campaigns, community events, and outreach programs.

Advisors and Partnerships (10%)

Advisors and strategic partners play a key role in the growth and success of the project. Allocating tokens to them ensures their continued support and collaboration.

Private Sale and Initial Funding (5%)

Early investors and supporters who contribute to the initial funding of the project should be allocated a percentage of the tokens. This not only provides them with a return on their investment but also aligns their interests with the success of the project.

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Roadmap will continuously change as we progress with our project. For news and updates, join our Telegram announcement channel

Jan 2024
Phase 1

● Website development

● Launch

● White paper release

● Audit and KYC

● Available

Feb 2024
Phase 2

● Website update

● Big Callers

● 500 + Holders

MArch 2024
Phase 3

● Dextools Socials Update

● Apply CMC & CG

● NFT collection

● Lottery & More Mini Games


Future Developments

As the digital currency market continues to expand and technology continues to advance, HARDER will continue to innovate and lead. We will continue to optimize product performance, improve trading experience, expand application scenarios, and provide users with more perfect services. At the same time, we also look forward to working with more partners to promote the development of the digital currency field and create a better future.